Oxford University Quidditch Club

What is OUQC?

If you’re looking for the most friendly, welcoming, and successful sports club in Oxford, then OUQC is the place to be.

OUQC, the Oxford University Quidditch Club, is the best place to play quidditch in Oxford and is home to two world renowned teams. The first team, the Radcliffe Chimeras, are current British and former European champions, and the second team, the Oxford Quidlings, are feared both nationally and internationally.

We are also widely known for hosting high quality, grand scale tournaments with the most amazing of atmospheres. And with even bigger plans lined up, this year is looking to be an eventful one.

So check ourĀ calendar, and come along and meet us at any of our trainings or socials. OUQC promises you a bucket of adrenaline, hugs, and fun!

What’s it like being part of OUQC?

If you want to see what the OUQC life is like then check out this introductory video.


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